Majority of businesses in Nigeria are not bidding for tenders.

This is because they believe the system is rigged and their chance of getting selected in limited to none. And you can’t totally blame them.

For long the public procurement space in Nigeria has been fraught with irregularities. Individuals running public procurements in government agencies often have their own preferred candidates who they would give the contracts to irrespective of the existence of better bids.

As the bid writing process can be a time-consuming and expensive process, firms decided to explore other means of earning revenue rather than chasing contracts.

Seems like a logical choice… BUT this is akin to throwing the baby away with the bathwater.

While it is true that many public tenders that are awarded in suspect circumstances, there are yet many where the process was transparent but good, honest businesses could not win the bids because they had excluded themselves by default by not participating.

By not participating, good businesses have left the field clear for the usual briefcase companies to win the bids only to sub-contract the jobs or do shoddy jobs of the delivery.

Beyond the public sector, tenders are released everyday by private companies (multi-nationals & big local firms alike) and by the local and international NGOs.

Wearing the blinders from public sector tenders have stopped good local firms from seeing these other opportunities which, due to organisational policies, have to be released through competitive bidding.

So my questions for you, are you comfortable letting all this good money slip away at a time when the economy is groaning? In what ways have you denied your business access to these opportunities that could have done wonders for your bottomline?

Are you willing to give it another shot?

Tender.NG exists to keep your business informed about public procurement opportunities across the different sectors (public, private & non-profit) that your business should be bidding for. Through our platform, you can specify the type of tenders you are looking for, in particular locations in Nigeria or nationwide, and how frequently you want us to update you on these tenders.

Beyond informing you on tenders, we can also support you with getting the necessary pre-qualification documents and with writing quality bids that will stand you out from the competition.

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If you have any questions or reservations about public procurement, tenders, competitive bidding or the service, please share with us in the comments below. Let’s help you ride the recession stronger & better.